25-year-old Christian Ketchup Is Charged For killing Mother Of Twins, Tierra Binion

The victim in the overnight murder at Mugs & Jugs in Escambia County is a 25-year-old mother who is identified as Tierra Binion.

It was gathered that she was a mother of twins who recently started working at Seville Quarter.

“To be physically aggressive is one thing, but to shoot a mother seven times is beyond repair,” Binion’s sister Diamond Jordan said. “I feel like I was a mother figure in her life and I wish I could hold her right now.”

25-year-old Christian Ketchup is charged for the murder.

The shooting happened around 1 a.m. Wednesday at the bar on Scenic Highway. Jordan said her sister was at Mugs & Jugs with some friends.

According to Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons, Ketchup’s girlfriend and Binion began arguing inside the bar before a fight ensued in the parking lot.

The sheriff says Ketchup blindside-punched Binion during the fight — knocking her out. Ketchup’s girlfriend reportedly continued to beat her before Ketchup shot her seven times.

“I feel sad more than anything because she didn’t deserve it,” Jordan said.

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