67-year-old Professor Anthony Polito Kill 3 And Injure Others In Las Vegas Varsity Shooting

Anthony Polito, 67, has been identified as the deceased suspect in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas shooting on December 6.

Polito, who had previously worked as a professor in North Carolina and Georgia, had sought a professorship at UNLV but he was not hired.

The suspect who got furious by the rejection armed himself with a handgun attacked the school on Wednesday.

Sources indicate that he killed three people in the attack. The victims were killed were faculty or staff members, the sources revealed.

It’s still not clear if they were intentionally targeted but the fact that the victims were not students suggests to detectives it may not have been entirely random.

Sheriff said four others were transported to local hospitals after suffering panic attacks and two officers incurred minor injuries.

However, the suspect was later Killed in a shootout with police.

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