South African Pastor, Dwayne Gordon, Shot Dead During Service In Newlands

A South African pastor, Prophet Dwayne Gordon, lost his life in a ruthless shooting that occurred during his service in Newlands, Johannesburg.

A credible source, Brandon Bailey, reported that a gang of unidentified assailants infiltrated a Restoration Conference gathering.

These criminals not only carried out a robbery on the unsuspecting worshippers but also unleashed gunfire on Pastor Dwayne Gordon, leading to his tragic demise.

Adding to the distress, another religious leader, Pastor Enrico Mosavel, was also a victim of the assailants’ violence, enduring gunshot wounds as a result of the attack. Pastor Mosavel is presently under medical care.

At this early stage of the investigation, the motive behind this horrifying act remains shrouded in ambiguity, and the identities of the armed culprits responsible for this gruesome incident are yet to be uncovered.

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