Akwa Ibom Lawyer Beats Up Wife Until She Bleeds During Argument Over Key

In a shocking and distressing incident, a lawyer identified simply as Mr. Ebong has been accused of brutally assaulting his wife during a heated argument over a key. The altercation escalated to the point where the woman’s mouth was reportedly broken, resulting in profuse bleeding.

The distressing incident was captured in a video shared online, where Mr. Ebong can be seen standing over his injured wife, surrounded by blood on her shirt and the floor. The lawyer repeatedly demanded the key during the assault.

Neighbors, who claim this is not an isolated incident, intervened to stop Mr. Ebong from inflicting further harm on his wife. They confronted the lawyer, accusing him of abusing his wife for over four years.

One resident stated in the video, “Since when I was living up here, every night he’ll be beating this woman. You no get shame? What kind of lawyer are you? No be today. I’ve lived in this compound for four years. When I was living there, every night, he’ll be beating this woman.”

Despite being confronted, Mr. Ebong showed no remorse and instead challenged one of the men to take his wife into their home, saying, “If she’s a woman, let her sleep in your house. If she sleeps in your house. If she sleeps there.”

The angered neighbors, fed up with the ongoing abuse, declared that the lawyer’s actions would no longer be tolerated. One resident threatened Mr. Ebong with a stick, stating firmly, “Pako, sir, pako, your life. If you try anything, your life. What’s wrong with you?”

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