All Fingers Pointing At Putin As Alexei Navalny Dies In Prison

Alexei Navalny died today in prison in Russia – he was 47 years old and in good health, according to his lawyer.

He had previously survived a poisoning with a nerve agent in 2020, which he attributed to the Kremlin.

“There’s no doubt that Russia is the only place that poison could have come from. It’s a banned substance. Putin has been developing a new program of this chemical weapon.”

Navalny was a prominent opposition figure known for his anti-corruption investigations and criticism of the Russian government.

Alexei was a fearless critic of corruption and authoritarianism in Russia, challenging Putin’s regime through groundbreaking investigative work, social media campaigns, and relentless political activism.

His Anti-Corruption Foundation exposed deep-seated corruption within the Russian government, leading to widespread protests and a demand for political change.

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