Asking For DNA Test On Mohbad’s Child Is Pure Evil – Actress Mary Njoku

Popular Nigerian actress, Mary Njoku has reacting to the controversy surronding the paternity of the late singer Mohbad’s child.

The actress in her submission kicked against the public call for a DNA test on the late musician’s child.

Nigerians on social media ignited discussions on whether a DNA test should be carried out on Mohbad’s child. Mary Njoku chose to voice her perspective and vehemently criticize those who proposed such a test for a grieving widow.

In a heartfelt Instagram post shared on Friday, Mary Njoku penned her thoughts, stating, She wrote, “Asking a mourning widow to submit her son for a DNA test is pure evil. Haba! She just lost a husband! Lost a father to her child! She lost her helper and protector of over 10 years! Let her mourn in peace!

‘’If you can’t support her, don’t add to her misery! Small money don enter now, we are asking for DNA test. Just because she isn’t rich.

‘’If her husband didn’t doubt the paternity of his child, who are we to think otherwise? Abeg make una no let the dead para for una o! Don’t frustrated his family!!!! Let’s focus on getting #justiceformohbad.”

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