Base Jumper, Nathy Odinson, Plunges To Death From 29-storey Tower As Parachute Failed

A base jumper from Cambridgeshire, Nathy Odinson, tragically passed away in Pattaya, Thailand, after a parachute malfunction during a jump.

A nearby security guard recalls the event:

“They were making video content for social media. They had done this before, and they knew it was not allowed…A woman screamed so I walked over and realized it was a person. They were dead. I saw that they had jumped from the building.”

His brother indicated that a minor error with the parachute’s deployment led to the fatal incident.

In the video, Nathy can be seen counting down from three at the top of the tower block before jumping into the night sky.

A little pilot chute swung violently in the air as the camera followed him into a catastrophic tailspin.

Witnesses heard Nathy fall into a tree and then hear his awful thud as he hit the ground.

The BASE-jumper’s pal can be heard saying, “oh f***,” in the footage, and shortly after, emergency services were contacted.

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