Child Trafficking Syndicate Busted In Benue State

The Benue State Police Command has achieved a significant breakthrough in its ongoing efforts to combat child trafficking in the region. Several members of a notorious syndicate involved in trafficking children operating around the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp at Northbank and other areas of Makurdi have been apprehended.

According to SP Anene Catherine, the spokesperson for the Benue State Police Command, the arrests were made after the police received crucial information about the activities of the syndicate and conducted extensive surveillance operations.

Among the suspects taken into custody are the wife of the kingpin, Stephen Terungwa, Sughter Akegh, and Atom Gideon. However, the mastermind behind the operation, known as Friday, managed to escape to an undisclosed location, prompting a manhunt by the police.

During interrogation, the arrested suspects admitted to their involvement in recruiting pregnant girls within the IDP camp. These girls would later give birth, and their babies were then handed over to Friday, the kingpin who has now evaded capture. In exchange for each delivered pregnancy, the suspects received a payment of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira.

In a heart-wrenching revelation, one child, who had previously been reported missing by concerned parents at Daudu police station, was thankfully rescued from Friday’s hideout.

In response to this alarming situation, the police have issued a warning to the public, urging parents and guardians to be extra vigilant about their children’s safety, particularly during the holiday period. Keeping children in secure environments is crucial to protect them from potential exploitation and harm.

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