Couple, Carl Mullen And His Wife, Laura Mullen Found Lifeless At Home

On Feb. 15th, 2024 at 4:28pm patrol officers and Medics from the Richmond Fire Department responded to 830 South 6th St in Richmond on reports of two subjects being down inside of the residence. Responding personnel located the two downed subjects and confirmed that they were deceased.

Richmond Police Department Investigators responded to the scene. Preliminary investigation revealed that the deceased, later identified as Carl R. Mullen (62) and his wife, Laura A. Mullen (48) of the above address had succumbed to gunshot wounds. The decedent’s were taken to the Montgomery County Ohio Crime Lab for forensic autopsy by the Wayne County Coroners Office.

The police statement stated that investigation is ongoing at thus time

The statement added that it is believed to be an isolated incident. There is no active threat to the community at large.

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