ESUT Final-Year Student, Mbah Ezinne, And Companion Found Lifeless In Her Room

A final year student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Mbah Ezinne, was discovered lifeless in her room, alongside a male friend with whom she shared a deep bond, trendygists learned.

It was gathered that Ezinne, was pursuing her studies in the Department of Anatomy at ESUT and was also an integral member of her local church community.

As the sun rose on a seemingly ordinary Sunday, concerns began to mount among Ezinne’s friends and family. Attempting to reach her through calls, their efforts were met with the unsettling realization that her phone remained unreachable. Apprehension deepened, and worry for her safety gripped those who held her dear.

However, Ezinne’s brother decided to go to her Enugu residence and upon arriving, a heart-wrenching sight met his eyes as he peered through her window.

There, he discovered Ezinne and a male companion, who happened to be her fellow coursemate, lying motionless on the floor.

The security personnel were promptly alerted, and the victims were rushed to a medical facility for urgent attention.

Tragically, Ezinne had already died. Her male companion, however, clung to life with the help of medical intervention.

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