Former Miss Ecuador Contestant, Landy Párraga Goyburo, Shot Dead (Photos)

Former Miss Ecuador candidate Landy Párraga suffered a tragic fate on April 28 after she was murdered while dining at a restaurant in the city of Quevedo, Los Ríos province.

In a translated report by CNN en Español, authorities are still trying to determine the cause of Párraga’s death, which is referred to as “one of the most violent from the country”.

Police told journalists that are now collecting information and gathering evidence on the incident to find those responsible for the gruesome act.

Vox News Albania meanwhile detailed that Párraga had been eating breakfast in the establishment when two people entered and shot her several times until she died.

The 23-year-old beauty queen had previously been under investigation over her alleged involvement in the “Metastasis” drug trafficking and corruption case, which was headed by drug kingpin Leandro Norero.

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