German-Israeli, Shani Louk, Seen Paraded In Gaza Found Dead

Shani Louk, 22, a German-Israeli woman who was seen being taken to the Gaza Strip during Hamas’s October 7 onslaught, has been confirmed dead, her family said Monday.

“Unfortunately we received the news yesterday that my daughter is no longer alive,” Louk’s mother Ricarda told the German outlet RTL.

Louk had been at a rave party near the Gaza border where terrorists mowed down attendees with gunfire and grenades, killing some 260 people during their October 7 onslaught.

Her family was informed of her death overnight.

Ricarda Louk first raised the alarm about her daughter after she recognized her in videos circulating online, due to her striking tattoos and dyed hair.

The videos, which quickly spread around the world, showed a half-naked woman lying seemingly unconscious face-down in the back of a pickup truck in Gaza filled with armed men.

It seemed likely at the time that Louk was no longer alive, but the family held out hope.

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