Gunman In Custody After He Held 4 People Hostage at Starbucks In Ulm

Four gunshots were heard in Ulm, Germany, close to Starbucks, according to on-scene accounts. About a hundred people on Hirschstraße reportedly fled in fear.

Authorities issued an urgent order, “Everyone must evacuate!” as an immediate, potentially fatal situation emerged,

Paramedics and ambulances rush to Starbucks in order to treat victims that have been reported.

“Gunfire is ongoing,” witnesses confirm. The cathedral and the entire city center are fenced off, heavily guarded, and have a dedicated task force in place.

There are reports of a hostage situation unfolding on Münsterplatz in Ulm’s city center.

The suspect may have been carrying both a long and a short gun, which might be a direct threat to life. The identities of the captives and the weapons he possesses are yet unknown.

Law enforcement police swiftly deployed in considerable numbers, setting up a cordon around the city center café.

More than one hundred onlookers gathered in the restricted areas, where a Special Operations Command (SEK) is actively present.

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