How To Increase Penis Size Naturally With Pandoro And Shea Butter

This article will dive into the natural solution to increase penis size using local African remedies: Kigelia Africana fruit (Pandoro or Ori) and shea butter.

Understanding the Issue: Small Penis Size Concerns

The problem of small penis size has been a issue of discussion among both men and women. 50% of men according to study are not comfortable with the size of their penis. Although most of men don’t bother whether the size is big or small but the pressure from women put them in a very difficult situation.

It is without doubt that women are the main factor why men become aware that the size of their penis is not enough. Men struggle to satisfy women’s sexual fantasies has contributed immensely to the quest by men to increase their penis seizes.

Medical Solutions: Exploring Options for increase Penis size

There are various medical houses that are offering medical assistance to people who want to increase the size of their penis.

Although 90% of the testimonies from the users of these medications have proven that the medication had little or no effect at all, Most people have concluded that only medical surgery can increase penis size. Even with this, many people still believe that it is very difficult to increase the size of your penis, or that the possibility does not exist at all.

E-commerce sites are flooded with medical solutions to increase penis size, but their buyers have come out to debunk the effectiveness of the medication.

Local Remedies: Balancing Effectiveness and Side Effects

However, many people have resorted to local medical solutions, and most of them have given a good review of the effectiveness of the local medications. Not withstanding, others have also given a bad review owing to the fact that it has diverse side effects.

The Rise of Kigelia Africana Fruit and Shea Butter Solution

There is a growing interest in natural remedies for various health concerns in recent years.

This concerns include enhancement of physical body parts such as penis size, breast size and butt size. There are also numerous natural solutions that have generated attention and one particular solution is mixing of kigelia africana fruit and shea butter.

Kigelia Africana, commonly known as Pandoro in Yoruba and Ohi in the Igbo language is a fruit commonly found in Africa. It has a long standing use in traditional medicine in Africa.

This fruit has also been utilized for many purposes which includes skin care won’t healing and has a remedy for various ailments.

Using Kigelia Africana Fruit (Pandoro in Yoruba and Ohi in Ibo Language) with shea butter to enlarge your penis

Many individuals have attested to the remarkable outcomes they experienced after using Pandoro combined with Shea butter (known as Ori in Yoruba).

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally With Pandoro And Shea Butter

Pandoro, a plant/fruit indigenous to Africa, is a highly potent medicinal herb that may assist in enlarging the penis (for men) and breasts (for women). It may also prove effective for buttocks enlargement.

Preparation Process: Using Pandoro and Shea Butter

This medicine may be made in a number of ways; I’ll just go over the typical preparation here.

Step 1: Because the fruit is tough, start by peeling its outer covering with a sharp knife, much like you would with a yam. Next, dice the fruit into little bits.

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally With Pandoro And Shea Butter

Step 2: Put the pieces in a mortar and use a pestle to pound or mash them, making sure to smash them

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally With Pandoro And Shea Butter

Step 3: Use a clean spoon to transfer the fruit into a clean basin after mashing it into a paste-like consistency.

Usually, you would then combine it with Shea butter at this stage. But because the mashed Pandoro is fluid and contains tiny bits of water, powdered seed, and fruit fragments that resemble threads, it can not look very appealing.

Step 4: Evenly spread the mashed Pandoro onto a tray and let it dry in the sun, making sure it gets to every crevice. When the pounded fruit is dried, pound it into powder form.

Step 5: Gently massage your penis, making sure to cover it completely, using a combination of the dry powder and Shea butter (Ori).

Note: Applying this combination three times a week is advised. Don’t use it every day to keep your penis from growing too lengthy and thick.

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