Lifeless Bodies Of A Businessman Ravinesh Kumar And His Staff Sneh Lata Found In Their Home

A tragedy struck the township of Nadi yesterday when the lifeless bodies of a businessman and his staff were found in their home.

Dead are businessman Ravinesh Kumar, 38, and Sneh Lata,, 60.

Divisional Police Commander West Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Iakobo Vaisewa said a report was lodged at the Nadi Police Station by Ravinesh’s brother..

“Police, upon arriving at the brother’s home, entered and saw his 38-year-old brother motionless in one of the bedrooms,” SSP Vaisewa said.

“Inside the home, motionless was also a 60-year-old woman who is employed by the 38-year-old man. There were no visible injuries, and a post-mortem will be conducted to confirm the cause of death,,” he said.

Neighbour, Lereani Naulu said the victims, along with another individual believed to be a family member, had moved into the house at the beginning of last month.

Ms Naulu said that upon moving in, the house did not have electricity. The real estate agent who secured the new tenants asked if they could share their electricity connection, to which they agreed..

On Wednesday, she reported that the electrical circuit overloaded, causing a breaker to trip and shut off their power.

“That night when I came back from work, our neighbours (victims) were using a generator that was placed inside their house,,” Ms Naulu said.

“In the morning, I heard the generator still going. An hour later I heard the knocking on their door. When I looked outside, I saw the victim’s staff. I believe there was no response from inside when one of them called the Police.

“Half-an-hour later, I saw the staff was crying as Police confirmed they were dead and believed to be found in separate rooms..”

After the victims moved in, she claimed that there was constant commotion and disturbance among them, which also affected the neighbours.

Rakesh Kumar, Ravinesh’s cousin, said he had been working since leaving school. He described him as someone who kept to himself and lived an independant life..

Yogeshni Lata, Lata’s niece, remembered her aunt as a hardworking person who had never married nor had children..

SSP Vaisewa said investigations continued.

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