Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon, Goes Naked To Launch Her Music Career (Video)

Lourdes Leon, daughter of the pop legend Madonna, has beautifully paid homage to her iconic mother in her latest music video for her third single, “Spelling.”

The mystical video, shot at Ashokan Acres, draws profound inspiration from Madonna’s original “Frozen” music video.

From the dark blue color scheme to Lourdes embodying a similar ethereal, witch-like character with long flowing raven tresses, as well as the inclusion of black birds and dog motifs reminiscent of the original.

In a touching gesture, Lourdes, who also briefly appears nude in the video, penned a heartfelt caption, honoring her mother as her muse:

“This piece is very special. It’s an homage to my mother’s timeless piece of art, ‘Frozen,'” wrote Lourdes, who goes by the name Lolahol when performing. “That piece has come up countless times in my life, connecting the two of us. I would be nothing without the woman who brought me into the world. I revere her, and hope that this translates.”

The video unfolds in a dark forest, where the first shot closely mirrors Madonna’s iconic scene as Lourdes seems to float mid-air, adorned in an eerie black outfit akin to the one Madonna wore in the original “Frozen” video.

In a poignant nod to her mother, Lourdes’ arms are bound with a black cloth, and her eyes carry an otherworldly, ghostly white appearance. Notably, she appears to have the word “Mom” tattooed on her fingers.

As she gracefully hovers in the air, her hair gently swaying in the wind, Lourdes, who is Madonna’s only biological daughter, begins to sing softly:

“I am constant/ you stay in the water/ Remind me/ Followin’ friend path forever/ Cyclical, bicycle, forever.”

The video takes an intriguing turn as Lourdes transforms from a floating figure into a flock of black birds, once again paying homage to her mother’s iconic video.

Later in the video, she reappears in a foggy forest, clad in silver-studded black underwear, a matching belt, and bra. Continuing her ethereal performance, she sings:

“Don’t want my feet to touch the sand/ Carry me on your back/ Why can’t he succumb to my desires/ Why can’t we light the flame to my fire?”

As she navigates the forest, another transformation occurs, with Lourdes turning into a large black Dobermann, offering yet another homage to Madonna’s “Frozen” video.

This striking and emotional tribute is a testament to the deep connection between mother and daughter, leaving an indelible mark on the music world.

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