Man Fatally Shot His Wife, Alicia Lofton, A Day After She Served Him Divorce Papers

A man is arrested in Michigan after he allegedly shot and killing his wife a day after she served him divorce papers.

The suspect identified as Marcus Durayalle Lofton is now behind bars, facing serious charges after killing his partner, Danielle Lofton, whom he tied the knot with in February 2023.

It was gathered that Alicia served her husband with divorce papers on August 16, marking the beginning of a tragic chain of events with unverified reports circulating online suggesting that Alicia had discovered her husband’s affair with another man, further complicating the already strained relationship.

further investigations reveal that the victim had taken out an active protection order against her husband in May, following his arrest for domestic violence against her.

the Grand Rapids police responded to a distressing scene in the vicinity of Adams Street and Union Avenue on August 17 after shots were reported, leading officers to the lifeless body of Alicia Lofton lying beside a house.

security operatives discovered that victim had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to her head and body, painting a grim picture of the tragic incident.

Investigation which was carried out identified Marcus Durayalle Lofton, Alicia’s husband, as the prime suspect in the case. He was arraigned on Friday, August 18, and was charged with first-degree murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

The suspect, Marcus Lofton, during questioning admitted to detectives that an argument ensued between him and his wife after she served him with divorce papers and he reached for Alicia’s pistol, a Glock, from a drawer.

The weapon discharged accidentally, and Alicia sought refuge in a bedroom, locking the door, but Marcus Lofton allegedly forced his way in where he discovered that his his wife was trying to escape through the window.

However, Marcus admitted to shooting Alicia multiple times before fleeing the scene in his maroon SUV.

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