Man, Sharaz Ageemoolar Shoots Ex-wife, Anissa Rajgobin At Mall, Kills Bystander, Rosario Ramdhan, Takes Own Life

Amid the mid-morning bustle, Sharaz Ageemoolar walked into an insurance company’s office in San Fernando and shot his ex-wife Anissa Rajgobin-Ageemoolar twice, before killing himself after eluding police having escaped from the scene of his crime.

Hours before committing suicide, Sharaz had hijacked a car outside the Cross Crossing Shopping Centre and killed an innocent bystander Rosario Ramdhan, a 24-year-old Springvale, Claxton Bay resident who desired to migrate from T&T with his girlfriend.

Last night, Sharaz was found dead at Arjoonsingh Drive, La Romain. He apparently committed suicide in the same car he stole.

The couple has two sons together, both in their 20s.

Rajbobin-Ageemoolar remains warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Investigators said the tragedy started at 10 am, when Rajgobin-Ageemoolar, 47, went to General Accident Insurance at the Cross Crossing Shopping Centre to do business.

Police said her ex-husband followed her into the office and asked to speak to her outside. She refused, following which he fired two shots, hitting her in the chest.

He then fled outside and proceeded to enter a white Tiida owned by Kenton Moses, which was parked outside.

Ramdhan, who was related to Moses, was sitting in the back seat of the Tiida and saw Sharaz as he came running out of the office. Police said Moses was inside the insurance office and ran up to Sharaz and attempted to grab him. However, Sharaz opened fire, hitting Ramdhan instead.

Bleeding profusely, Ramdhan tried to escape and stumbled up the street to avoid more bullets. He collapsed face down on the road about 50 feet away and subsequently died.

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