Massive Casualties In A Shooting In Ybor City in Tampa, Florida (Video)

A deeply alarming incident shook the Ybor City neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, as several individuals fell victim to a shocking shooting.

According to eyewitness reports, this terrifying incident unfolded as @DJBrianDawe was concluding his set, with the perpetrator discharging a staggering 30-40 shots into a crowd.

In a haunting account posted on X, @DJBrianDawe described the somber scene, stating, “I witnessed approximately 7 people being hit, with at least one fatality and another receiving chest compressions; sadly, the situation looked dire. Please stay safe.”

Another X user shared a harrowing experience, saying, “We were in Ybor, enjoying our Halloweekend when gunfire erupted. I found myself almost trampled as I sought shelter, and my roommate was compelled to hide to the best of their ability outside. Thankfully, we are physically unharmed, but the emotional toll is undeniable. I’m simply exhausted by the grim reality of such incidents.”

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