Mobile Money Agent Naomi Maenda Allegedly Shot Dead At Home

A dark cloud of sorrow looms over the community as a heartbreaking incident unfolds in Katozi, Nakonde district. Naomi Maenda, a young mobile money agent, has allegedly met a tragic end, shot dead in her own home.

The grim details of this horrific event began to surface when a family member revealed that armed assailants had invaded her home in the early hours of the day. Naomi Maenda, a woman in her twenties, had been living with her nephew, who bore witness to the dreadful attack and shared his harrowing experience with Chete FM News.

According to the nephew, his peaceful slumber was shattered by a loud noise emanating from the rear window of the house around 1 am. Filled with fear, he ventured forth to investigate, only to come face to face with two intruders cloaked in black. Overwhelmed by terror, he sought refuge behind a door, paralyzed by the sinister presence that had befallen their home.

As he remained hidden, a gunshot pierced the silence, echoing from his aunt’s room, where she lay sleeping. Petrified, he dared not make a sound or leave his place of concealment, as time itself seemed to hold its breath.

After an agonizing span of time, courage overcame fear, and the nephew cautiously entered his aunt’s room, where he was met with the devastating sight of Naomi Maenda lifeless on her bed. Fear still gripped him, preventing him from seeking help or stepping outside, for the malevolent intruders might still lurk nearby or return.

With the arrival of dawn, the nephew mustered the strength to seek aid, running to the neighboring house of Frederick Simbaya. Around 6 am, the neighbors arrived and bore witness to the heart-wrenching tragedy that had unfolded.

This heart-rending incident marks the third act of violence against mobile money agents in Nakonde this year. In June, two other agents had been attacked and shot near Naomi Maenda’s residence, leaving the entire community shaken and gripped by fear.

In the wake of these horrific events, residents are calling for heightened security measures in the area. The prevalence of theft and other crimes has left the community demanding a more robust police presence and regular patrols.

Furthermore, suspicions are rising that the criminals responsible for these acts may be living in close proximity. Naomi Maenda had been diligently working as a mobile money operator in the local black market of Nakonde, underscoring the vulnerability of these agents in their line of work.

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