Mother-of-3, Emily Lopez, Dies After She Was Stabbed In The Head By Her Boyfriend

Emily Lopez, a devoted mother of three, lost her life in a horrifying incident on Friday within the confines of a house on N. Frio Street, trendygists learned.

It was gathered that the harrowing incident unraveled during a heated altercation between Emily Lopez and her boyfriend.

Sources familiar with incident said the dispute escalated to a chilling climax, as Emily suffered a fatal stab wound to the head, sealing her fate.

Reports indicate that the San Antonio Police received an urgent call reporting a severe altercation between a man and a woman at an apartment complex on the 1000 block of North Frio Street.

Responding promptly, law enforcement discovered a scene of distress, with both individuals bearing wounds.

Swiftly transported to a nearby hospital, Emily Lopez succumbed to her grievous injuries, leaving behind a heartbroken family and a shattered community.

The male involved, identified as Emily’s boyfriend, remains in critical condition as medical teams strive to stabilize his condition. At the scene of the tragedy, another individual valiantly attempted to intervene and quell the tumultuous altercation, emerging physically unscathed from the traumatic episode.

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