Playboy Cut Ties With Mia Khalifa After The Pornstar Support Attack On Israel

Playboy has made the decision to sever its ties with former adult film star Mia Khalifa in light of a series of contentious social media posts expressing support for recent attacks by Hamas on Israel.

Khalifa’s comments have drawn widespread criticism for disseminating misinformation and displaying insensitivity toward a complex and deeply sensitive conflict.

Among the posts that ignited controversy were Khalifa’s references to terrorists as ‘freedom fighters’ and a comment in which she made light of the potential downfall of a ‘Zionist apartheid regime brought down by guerrilla fighters in fake Gucci shirts.’ These remarks triggered outrage and have had significant repercussions for her career.

Khalifa’s online presence has been notably affected, with her page now displaying a ‘Not Found’ graphic on the Playboy website. In an official statement, Playboy confirmed that Mia Khalifa will no longer be involved in creating content for their CENTERFOLD platform, where she had been a part of since February 2022.

Playboy elaborated on their decision in an email to users, explaining, ‘We are writing today to inform you of our choice to terminate Playboy’s association with Mia Khalifa, which includes the removal of Mia’s Playboy channel on our creator platform.’ The primary driving force behind this decision was Khalifa’s statements that celebrated Hamas’ attacks on Israel, which Playboy deemed ‘disgusting and reprehensible.’

The statement underscored that while Playboy encourages free expression and constructive political discourse, they uphold a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hate speech and expect individuals to be aware of the consequences of their words and actions.

Playboy Cut Ties With Mia Khalifa After The Pornstar Support Attack On Israel

Mia Khalifa had repeatedly expressed her support for the group’s actions to her followers, even going so far as to urge aggressors to film horizontally for a better viewing experience. She later sought to clarify her statements, emphasizing that her words were not intended to incite violence but were meant to convey support for what she referred to as ‘freedom fighters’ in Palestine.

CENTERFOLD, a platform established by Playboy to enable models to engage with fans and sell content directly, initially welcomed Mia Khalifa for her ‘fearless, direct, thought-provoking, and fun-loving approach to life and her career.’ However, her recent statements have resulted in an unexpected and substantial termination of her association with both the platform and the Playboy brand.

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