Police Arrest Two Suspects With Arms & Drugs During Patrol In Lagos

Two suspects were taken into custody for carrying contraband during a recent patrol by Iba Division officers.

At the time of their arrest, the suspects, identified as 27-year-old Sunday Oluwaseyi and 28-year-old Daniel Gaji, were reportedly riding in a tricycle.

Officers on a routine patrol found a stash of illegal goods inside the tricycle’s compartment.

Twenty live cartridges were among the things seized, along with a significant amount of marijuana and other illegal substances.

Gaji and Oluwaseyi were both taken into custody by the Iba Division police officers in the quickest possible way.

The suspects are currently being held by the police and will be prosecuted for illegal drug and live ammunition possession.

The police emphasize their dedication to preserving public safety and enforcing the law while praising the alertness of their personnel during routine patrols.

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