Prophet John General Jumps Fence After He Was Caught With Someone’s Wife In Bed (Video)

In a startling development, Prophet John General, hailing from Matero, is currently evading authorities following accusations of sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman within the same community.

According to sources, the victim, who had experienced several miscarriages, sought the guidance of Prophet John General for prayers on November 22nd. The prophet, accompanied by another individual, arrived at her residence around 13:00hrs, ostensibly to provide spiritual support.

During the alleged prayer session, the prophet, purportedly desiring privacy, pressured the woman to lead him through all the rooms. It was in the bedroom where the reported assault took place, with the prophet allegedly threatening the victim with harm if she resisted.

The victim’s husband intervened, catching the alleged perpetrator in the act. Attempting to flee, Prophet John General left behind a cellphone and a Chrysler motor vehicle with registration number BCD 372.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed receipt of the report, and the victim has been issued a medical report form. Law enforcement has launched a manhunt to apprehend the fleeing prophet, who is now wanted in connection with the alleged crime

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