Sadio Mane Marries Long Term Girlfriend Aisha Tamba, Days Before AFCON Kickoff (Video)

Senegalese footballer, Sadio Mane married his long-time girlfriend Aisha Tamba in a private ceremony, which took place on January 7 th at Keur Massar, Dakar.

The wedding; just six days before the kickoff of Africa Cup of Nations on January 13, was an intimate celebration that proved how much they love each other.

As per reports, Aisha has been a key part of Mane’s life from his teenage years and the former Liverpool star was claimed to have financially taken care of her when she went through school. 16 is the legal age of consent in Senegal.

Footage of the ceremony, posted by @Magvision_Evens_Officiel on Instagram, shows Mane holding hands with his wife and posing under a bouquet of roses reading ‘Mrs.

A video on X by @abdullahayofel revealed the couple laughing with each other while sitting together in a sofa after the wedding.

Aisha, the bride wore an elaborate mermaid style lace dress with long sleeves and silk veil that was tinted henna on both hands. Although Mane maintained utmost discretion regarding his personal life at Liverpool, the happiness of this relationship has been spread to all people.

2021 Back then, in “ “Everyone has hisher way of choosing love. ‘The pair, both followers of Islam religion are very secretive people; Aisha is known not to be on social media platforms.”

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