Shooting At University Of Benin Leaves A 500-Level Student Dead, Others Injured (Video)

In a deeply distressing incident that unfolded at the University of Benin, a 500-level student has tragically lost his life. Adding to the somber atmosphere, two other students suffered gunshot wounds in the same attack that took place on Friday evening, October 27, within the institution. Their current conditions remain uncertain, casting a pall of concern over the campus.

Online reports circulating about the tragic event suggest a connection to an ongoing conflict that began in Ekiadolor several days ago, culminating in the violent shootings that shook UNIBEN today.

Although the motivations behind this heart-wrenching attack are yet to be fully understood, some sources have alleged that it might be a result of a cult-related clash, with the suspected shooters believed to have affiliations with such groups.

A distressing video shared on the internet exposes a red car, its exterior marred by bullet holes. The lifeless body of a man, a victim of this senseless violence, was gingerly removed from the vehicle and solemnly transported to the rear of a pickup van.

Horrified students, who bore witness to this harrowing scene, stood together in collective shock as they grappled with the traumatic events unfolding within their cherished campus.

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