Tori Rose, Several Others D£ad In Arkansas After Overnight Storms Rip Through Northern Counties

At least five people have died across the state of Arkansas after overnight storms ripped through the northern counties on Sunday.

Baxter County: One death
Benton County: One death
Boone County: One death
Marion County: Two dead
According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office two people died due to the overnight storm. Authorities are investigating another death but believe it is not related to the storm.

Marion County Sheriff Gregg Alexander says power is also out for most of the county and crews are actively working to restore power. The sheriff and area first responders check houses for storm damage and advise residents to stay on public roads so first responders can respond as needed.

According to Daniel Bolen with the Boone County’s Office of Emergency Management, a 26-year-old woman died after a storm destroyed her home in Olvey. The community is located about 25 minutes southeast of Harrison. Authorities have not identified the victim.

The storm hit around 3 a.m. The storm damaged several homes throughout the county.

One person has died, and several people have been injured after storms ripped through Baxter County early Sunday morning, according to the Baxter County sheriff.

According to the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, the person who died was 73-year-old Patricia Anne Sontag, who was missing and was not found after her mobile home was destroyed near Salesville.

Authorities found her around 8 a.m., around 300 yards north of her mobile home. The sheriff’s office says 17 people in Baxter County were injured, including six children were treated for injuries.

Benton County authorities reported another person died from an apparent tornado in the Rogers area. The storm injured several other victims. The storm damaged homes and businesses in the area.

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