Tylil Sister Jahgee Graps Michael Rainey Jr By His Crotch On Live Stream (Video)

Michael Rainey Jr. spoke out after a woman grabbed his crotch on a live stream. He said he is still in shock and refers to the groping as an “unfortunate situation.”

During a promotional appearance, Michael Rainey Jr., the star of 50 Cent’s popular program “Power Book II: Ghost,” received more than he expected: an unwelcome five-finger death grip on his family jewels!

Mike made an appearance on “The Tylil Show” on Sunday night, which is an independent Twitch channel presented by New York podcaster Tylil James.

Jahgee, Tylil’s sister, becomes a bit too possessive of Mike shortly after the stream begins, and his expression tells it all.

While Jahgee appeared to be relishing the filthy deed, Mike was visibly uncomfortable, if not in agony.

Mike tried to brush off the blatant invasion of his personal space, but it seemed that most others in the room missed it. After his sister made a provocative comment about a banana, Tylil ultimately threw her out of the room!

Later, Tylil disclosed that after twenty minutes, Mike quickly left the room, but instead of reprimanding Jahgee for being too handsy with his guest, he chastised the actor for not spending enough time on his program.

Watch video below:

> Men are sexually assaulted by females every day. It’s never “breaking news”. #Michaelraineyjr was sexually assaulted on live. He was extremely uncomfortable. She started groping him. He didn’t embarrass her, or push her off. He moved her hands off of him, and protected his private… [pic.twitter.com/OClekl238H](https://twitter.com/celebriD/status/1800213746045894834?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) — Daphne (@celebriD) [June 10, 2024](https://twitter.com/celebriD/status/1800213746045894834?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)

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