UK Govt To Healthcare Workers – You Can’t Bring Your Families With You

The UK le­aders lately rolled out a broad plan tackling the­ urgent challenge of he­avy lawful migration.

This plan is meant to ease the­ burden brought by this heavy flow and make sure­ migration stays manageable. In these­ actions, healthcare workers moving to the­ UK can’t bring their families with them.

The proposed plan also includes raising the minimum income threshold for immigrants who want to work in the UK from £26,200 to £38,700. In addition, as of April next year, care workers will not have a right to bring dependants into the UK.

“We will stop overseas care workers from bringing family and dependants,” Cleverly said addressing concerns about the care visa system abuse,” And we will require firms in England to be regulated by Health Care Quality Commission which sponsors visas.” This is aimed at ensuring economic migrants contribute significantly to economic growth.

In its plan, the government cites the economic contributions of immigrants and seeks to increase the annual immigration healthcare charge by 66% or £1035 from £624. The anticipated outcome was around £1.3 billion in revenue every year to be channeled towards supporting the health of the nation.

Additionally, skilled labourers must earn at least £38,000 per annum under the new system being introduced next spring. However, social and health visas, including those for healthcare workers will not be subject to this salary adjustment.

Cleverly also stated that he would review the graduates’ route so as to prevent it from being misused and protect UK’s higher education standards. The government has already banned overseas masters’ students from bringing their family members into Britain and this move is aimed at preserving opportunities for high paid jobs while removing exploitative ones.

The key focus of such reforms on immigration by UK will be towards nurturing local talent as well as ensuring sustainable growth of economy.

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