Why Great Marriages Never Happen By Accident – Betty Irabor

Publisher and media personality, Betty Irabor, has taken to social media to share her perspective on marriage, drawing from her own experiences of being married for nearly four decades.

In a heartfelt post on her Instagram page, the mother of two acknowledged that while she may not be an expert in the institution of marriage, she believes that great marriages are not accidental but the result of a conscious decision by the couples involved to work together as long as no one’s life is endangered.

Despite receiving numerous requests to host sessions on marriage and share her secrets to maintaining a long-lasting marriage, Betty expressed her concern about addressing a generation that may not value or believe in the sanctity of marriage.

She pondered how she could offer advice to individuals who view marriage as a disposable commodity, those who already have backup plans (plan B, C, and D) even as they exchange their vows, and those who wish to be both single and married simultaneously.

Her journey into marriage was not guided by role models or “couples goals,” as she was raised by a single mother after her parents’ divorce. However, she entered her role as a wife with determination and commitment to making the marriage work.

Despite the challenges of addressing a generation with a different outlook on love, relationships, faith, and marriage, Betty celebrated couples who embrace their unique narratives and build strong partnerships together.

She highlighted the significance of conscious effort and accountability in nurturing successful and lasting marriages.

In her post, Betty also acknowledged and celebrated four couples who have been married for over a decade. She shared valuable insights and gems from their experiences, noting that these couples are not aspiring to be anyone’s relationship goals but are simply enjoying their lives together.

As she wraps up her message, Betty Irabor extends her appreciation to all couples quietly doing life together and celebrates their commitment to building meaningful and enduring partnerships.

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