Woman Amanda Neningar Who Vanished Near CA-AZ State Line Found Dead

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that they have recovered the body of a woman who was reported missing outside the small California town of Blythe near the Arizona state line.

According to family and the sheriff’s office, 26-year-old Amanda Neningar was found just outside of Cibola, Arizona, a town of under 300 in southwestern La Paz County. Authorities said she was found by a search and rescue expert who spotted her body nude under a tree about 1.5 miles from where her car was abandoned.

Sheriff deputies are now working to perform an autopsy to gather more information on what led up to her death. No other information was immediately released.

Neningar was last seen alive in Blythe, California, on Feb. 28. About a week later, her car was found abandoned in the rural Arizona desert south of Cibola. While she lived near Blythe, she frequently drove to La Paz County, where other family members reside.

True Crime Arizona Correspondent Briana Whitney previously reported that detectives noted the way the car was found, which the sheriff said was extra bizarre.

“The rear end of the vehicle was on a large boulder,” La Paz County Sheriff William Ponce said. “When you have a vehicle that’s abandoned and you don’t have kind of inkling where the person has gone or anything, it all seems very odd to us and it’s very concerning.”

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