Woman, Samantha Hayes, Dies After She Was Hit By Wing Of A Small Plane At Broken Bow Airport

A heart-wrenching incident shook the community at Broken Bow Airport, claiming the life of a woman who was tragically struck by the wing of a small plane. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol brought this tragic incident to light on a fateful Friday afternoon.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., a 1972 Bonanza A36, skillfully piloted by the 70-year-old James Baxter, gracefully touched down on the airport’s runway.

However, the day took a tragic turn when Baxter, upon landing, spotted 27-year-old Samantha Hayes, who was diligently operating a lawn mower in the vicinity.

In a desperate bid to prevent catastrophe, Baxter valiantly attempted to lift the plane and maneuver the wing over Hayes.

Regrettably, fate had other plans, and the wing struck her in the head, resulting in her untimely demise. While the pilot managed to survive the crash, Samantha Hayes was not as fortunate, as revealed by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

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