Woman Wanda Rucker-Pipkins D£ad, 3 Others Injured After South Memphis House Fire

A woman identified as Wanda Rucker-Pipkins has died in a tragic house fire in South Memphis Tuesday morning.

It was gathered that three other people are recovering from their injuries. One man on the Scene identified the deceased as his sister.

The victim’s brother, Larry Rucker, stated that his other three family members have since been released from the hospital.

Memphis fire officials say the fire started sometime before 11 a.m. on Clovia Lane in South Memphis. The four family members were inside at the time.

Rucker said he lost his sister and the home he grew up in Tuesday.

“I ask for the community’s prayers for the family. My sister was deceased in the fire. She had just come home from the hospital. I’m just grateful that more people weren’t hurt. They [the other three victims] went to the hospital and they’re out now. And I thank God for his assurance that everything is going to work out,” said Rucker.

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